Direct Linking and Hot Linking is bandwidth theft!
Why you must NOT do this!

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Please do NOT link directly to the images on this site (also called 'hot linking'). Doing so is bandwidth theft! I also ask that people send MY URL to friends, don't send the actual graphics web page. That would also use my bandwidth to display the web page in their email program.


Download/save the graphics to your computer and upload to your server, as you did for your HTML pages. Right click (PC) or Click + Hold (Mac) over the image you want, and choose "save graphic as ..." to a file folder on your computer.


this means you must NOT put the code

or anything similar in your HTML coding to display images that are located on MY server on YOUR web page, or in your emails, or on your bulletin boards. By doing so, you are a bandwidth thief and deserve any consequences you receive.

If you think I am being unreasonable in this request,

I hope your neighbor hooks up their hose to YOUR faucet to fill their in-ground swimming pool;

or I hope they hook an extension cord to YOUR socket to power their lights;

And YOU get stuck with the bill for all that water or electricity. THAT is what direct linking, hot linking, (which is bandwidth theft) is equivalent to!

You have NO idea how many great sites have disappeared the past few years because they couldn't afford the bandwidth cost when people would not respect their request to NOT direct link to graphics, music files, etc. I may have to consider removing all the free graphics, as other former free graphic creators have done.

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I do (as most people who have their own domain do) have a notification system to tell me if anyone is directly linking to my graphics. My domain name web host provides referrer logs. At minimum, direct linking to my graphics will get you broken grey boxes or red X boxes on your page or in your emails, etc.

When I find graphics being pulled by a different server :
(meaning: displayed on another HTML page or in email, or on a bulletin board, etc.)

  • I could (and probably will) replace the graphic being pulled/used with a very nasty graphic that will show up on your pages or in your email. One that will tell all your friends, visitors, people who receive your emails or view your BB posts that YOU are a scumbag thief for stealing bandwidth. I can do ANYthing to the images on MY server that I want to. Since the graphic is under my control, I can replace and rename graphics at any time. Do you want your page or emails to look like this, or worse?!? I don't think so. This is what you are asking for when you direct link to images on my server (or ANYONE's server) instead of saving them to your computer and uploading to your OWN webspace.
  • I might complain to your web host, WebTV server, or email server about bandwidth theft, which may get your pages/site/service/bulletin board deleted by the server.

Bandwidth theft is against the law. ALL webpage hosts , email servers and WebTV servers, free or paid-for ones, have 'terms of service' and theft is covered there.

No web page server, email server, or WebTV server is going to want to have criminal charges, or a civil suit for $$ compensation by me (or someone else), to repay the bandwidth that was stolen, plus court cost, plus lawyer costs, plus the added amount for "time, pain and suffering" it has caused me because I have to rename image names and directories.
No! It is MUCH EASIER to delete your account or discontinue your service first!

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If you are interested in learning more about copyrights and what you can and cannot do with ANYTHING that you find on the Internet (graphics, articles, writings by others, etc.) there is excellent information at these places:

10 Copyright Myths-Brad Templeton
The Copyright Website
Do's & Dont's of Copyrights...
The U.S. Copyright Office

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