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If you're lucky enough,
like our fans shown here,
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to live in the DE-troit area, check out:
to get a listing of our current shows.

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Once there, find Powertrip in the list of artists, and submit request to be on their (Detroit Music's) email mailing list. Recieve weekly update of Powertrip's playdate schedule. Info for all Metro Detroit clubs and bands are included.

You can sign up to be on Powertrip's direct mailing list.
{Email your name and email address to }

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Listen to a sample of our music ...

If you need to download Real Media Player to hear the music, follow link, download and install, and come back!!

THIS button listen to Fade To Black Real Audio file
Real Audio file: "Fade To Black"©,
a 285 kb file, 1:56 play time.

THIS button listen to Knights of Apocalypse Real Audio file
Real Audio file: "Knights of Apocalypse"©,
a 684 kb file, 4:39 play time.

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Link to Powertrip's background page

Link to Robert Gibbons' page Link to Tom Kraemer's page Link to Eric Gibbons' page
Link to Robin Black's page Link to Riko Perez's page

Link to Live Shots taken of the band at Iroc Cafe in Detroit MI
photos taken while playing
at the I-rock Cafe in Detroit

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