Triple (or Quadruple) Backgrounds (Using Double or Triple Tables)

HTML Page Layout Example

To Break Out Of Someone Else's Frames - Grab Hold Here

One of the newer looks to a web page is to have the text surrounded by colored tiles. The text area can be a solid color, or a pattern light enough so the text is easy to read.

icon Basically, the layout is a table within a table (within a table, etc.)

icon Choose colors and background patterns that compliment your site and subject.

icon It is a nice way to emphasize certain sections of the website. This theme can be used throughout the website, using specific colors and patterns for each section.

Quadruple Table HTML Page Layout

Another example of using more tables to create a different kind of emphasis on the text on your website. The page's background counts as "one frame", with additional "frames" used for accents or emphasis.

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You don't have to use colors that are in the same color family, you can use complimentary colors -- or bright colors and patterns for attention.

We try to accomodate all visitors, making a site that hopefully looks good, or is at least acceptable in the way it looks. We can only "go by" this site's visitors, or our customer's site's visitors, that we are tracking for browser used information. About 14% of this site's visitors are ones that would see a bad looking page if we had not adjusted the coding for the tables to accomodate how they will see it. Maybe that's not enough for you to worry about, but we wanted to be sure that as many people possible see at least an "acceptable" looking page.

icon Version 4 and above browsers will read all the coding, and display the background images in the tables. Netscape Communicator 4's do not display the table border colors exactly as desired, but it will look acceptable. When not designating table border colors, all versions of Netscape and MSIE should show them as the color that is chosen for the main page sub background color. When choosing colors/patterns in the same color family, this won't be a problem.


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