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What is special, and the ultimate combination of price, value, and performance, is Autumn Web's services as the developer of your website.

Yes, it is possible to purchase software that can create web pages. And if you have the desire, time, and ability to create your own website, that's great! But most people don't have the time or desire to learn everything you need to know to create a successful website. Just knowing how to put text and images on a HTML document won't create a successful website.

Our PRICES are extremely reasonable, considering you will be getting what many developers charge as two separate development fees. Marketing of your website is included in our development price. Your website is created to be 'search engine friendly' right from the start. There are many developers that will build a 'whiz-bang' website, then, when the site isn't getting any traffic/customers/sales, will say, "Oh, we didn't know you wanted to be listed in the search engines! To do that, we have to re-design your website -- for an additional fee!

Your VALUE will be a combination of creating a website that is standards compliant and cross-browser viewable, and a website that is created correctly -- from the start.

PERFORMANCE will be what you want it to be. And we will work with you to achieve the performance goals you set for your website. Everyone's goals are different, so we can't go into specifics here. But please be assured that your goals will become our goals!

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Our recommended Hosting Services options will provide for every type of website requirement. We have chosen our Internet Service Partners carefully, as we feel price, value, and performance are essential !
  • For a small business wanting an Internet presence, yet doesn't need a Premium Domain Name website
    the price of a Developer Services Brochure Website is hard to beat.

Autumn Web researched long and hard before deciding on a partner to present our services to the Internet community. We wouldn't settle for anything but the best web server equipment and website options so that we may offer these services to you.

After all, we are using these items too,
we weren't going to settle for 2nd best !
And neither should you !

What Autumn Web offers as the developer of your website, is ...

  • 23 years in sales, marketing, merchandising and advertising
  • represented major corporate consumer product companies; what I learned and implemented for the promotion those products to the consumer, can be utilized to promote your business on the Internet
  • degree in Marketing, minor in Business Administration
  • years of experience in working with HTML, JavaScript, and CGI languages, using a HTML editor for the basic layout and set-up of tables and top and bottom navigation bars, yet being able to hand-code HTML to customize the page's contents and layout
  • experience with the layout and organization of a complex website
  • experienced creation of cross-platform web pages, to be viewed by the majority of browsers currently being used
  • the ability to create and maintain complex, visually appealing sites
  • extended experience at creating and modifying graphics in graphic programs:
    • optimizing them to give the best look, visually, and the smallest byte size for quick downloading
    • color optimized for the largest majority of monitors, including color depth and gamma correction that must be considered for different monitors, computer platforms, and resolutions
  • successful experience at registering pages with major search engines, and memberships at the leading search engine information websites
  • subscriptions (and paid subscriber area access) to the major Ecommerce newsletter publications
  • subscriptions to magazines that keep us informed on Ecommerce news and information, as well as software and Internet developments
    • Small Business Computing and Communications
    • Network Magazine
    • PC Computing
  • memberships with the HTML Writers Guild and International Webmaster's Association to keep informed of HTML standards, trends in the medium, and guidance from professionals when faced with situations that we haven't experienced yet, and technology that is new to the Internet
  • memberships with several web development and other groups that enable us to keep informed of the latest software, technology, and trends
  • PLUS
    Unlike some other web developers and website hosts, we make sure our customers are registered as the administrative contact of their domain name, so they have control of that domain name. If your website host or developer does NOT, be prepared for major problems with your domain name later.
Why are we telling you most of our information sources? Because we know that you, as an informed consumer, will feel more confident about the decision to choose Autumn Web as your host, developer, graphic designer, or HTML creator.

If you are undecided on the options of creating your own website, or using Autumn Web's Developer Services, we encourage you to check into the resources listed above.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, and try to create pages of information similar to what they have already done, we would rather send you to places online to get the information, and spend our energy and resources in some other areas that will benefit you, our development customer. If you need more reference links - just ask!

Autumn Web is a smaller web development studio located in metro Detroit, Michigan. This means better prices for our customers (we have less overhead costs) and more personal attention for our customers. The owner personally oversees all aspects of the customer's website development. This would seem to limit the amount of work we can accept, but truly, it allows us to choose the amount and type of work that is generated, providing higher quality and attention to details that larger studios cannot always provide. We can give you the personalized time and attention that you want and need to be able to create your website.

As a developer, we do all the work of registering with search engines, doing the follow-up and monitoring of your listing with them, and then tweaking and adjusting your website to achieve the best listing possible in the proper category for your business.

We are confident that once you know and understand the high quality of website development standards that Autumn Web follows, you will be more than satisfied with letting us handle your website needs.

Are you concerned about your privacy? Please read our Privacy Policy at Autumn Web
If you'd like to see Autumn Web's portfolio, it can be found here.

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