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What kind of website do would you like to have?
We work with you to custom create the type of site you need.

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If you have read the "Why Us?" page (and you should!) and you want to have a website right away, without having to worry about ...
  • learning HTML
  • learning to work with CGI, JavaScript, and forms, like the shopping cart page
  • doing all the research and deciding which keywords and descriptions will place your website in the proper position with the search engines
  • reading all the books and publications on successfully marketing products on the Internet
  • researching words that prompt Internet viewers to buy
  • subscribing to Ecommerce and Internet newsletters so you know what is happening in the ecommerce sector
  • deciding on the look and layout of the site
  • creating or modifying graphics in a graphic editor so they are the best combination of accurate and good looks, vs. smallest file size and faster loading for your visitors.
  • putting it all together in a format that displays your site across multiple platforms, browsers, and monitors
  • validating the HTML once it is finished
  • testing the pages online to make sure they function, and all links work
  • uploading the pages and graphics onto the chosen web server

Then this is where the bargains are!

Autumn Web Website Development Services will put your products, your information, your "best foot forward" on the Internet. All you have to do is:

  • Decide which products or services you wish to promote on-line.
  • Give us some other details; company, product, shipping information, etc.

We will do the work for you!

We specialize in putting small businesses on the Internet in a professional manner, in a website that is custom fitted to your business and your Internet needs.

Although there are two basic programs listed here, we are flexible, and more than happy to work out any combination of Internet features that you need.

Let us know what you have in mind.

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Brochure Website


For individuals and small businesses that want an Internet site
that directs email, forms, and/or phone/fax to your local business.
Basically - an on-line yellow pages ad.
Changes/updates can be made per our agreement, possibly twice per year.

Domain Name Website


For individuals or businesses that need more space and will have more traffic,
and would process orders off-line with their current merchant account.
Your updates/changes done monthly, per submitted information.

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(some specials, until end of month)
No. of Monthly Updates Included
Per Agreement 1

Web Site Graphics +
HTML Creation of Web Site
(Special Development Price)
+$ 325
+$ 500
+$ 700
+$ 950

Total, Special Development Price
$ 825 +$ 1650

The price savings % received
with special development prices
vs Regular Price Graphics + HTML
sv 25 %
reg $ 1100
sv 25 %
reg $ 2200

Additional items you will need, price not included in above

Domain Name fee for
$ 15 1st yr $ 15 1st yr

Monthly Website Hosting
with our recommended host
Not included in above
$ 10
$ 15

All accounts have a one-time $45 set-up fee

Our recommended website host has these features:

Explanation of features' terms.
Examples are linked from the feature, "right click" on link to open in new window.
List of features that ALL accounts receive is below

Disk Space
25 MG 400 MG

Site Traffic
($ 30 per gigabyte
of excess traffic per mo.)
16 MB/day.
1/2 GIG/mo.
265 MB/day
8 GIG/mo.

POP3 Email
included included

Webcontrol System

Website access to email

# of Email Redirects
10 100

Tech Support
email +
email +
24 / 7

Explanation of features' terms
+ Examples are linked from the features, above.
You can "right click" on link to open in new window.

If you'd like to see Autumn Web's portfolio, it can be found here.

Contact Autumn Web to discuss your Website Development now

Combining services may qualify for a discount price, please ask.
Posted prices subject to change. All $ amounts listed are in US Dollars.

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