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    At Roxy's Renditions http://www.autumnweb.com/Roxys/ |
    | PSP Tubes | Tutorials = using web graphics info, graphic and other web / Internet tuts |
    | Web Page Help = HTML help, beginner information + more |

    Downloading Tubes at Roxy's

    1st: Look for: the download button by each tube (or brush).

    If you don't see this button on the tubes pages, then you don't have a browser that is capable of viewing Java Script. You can get an updated MSIE or Netscape browser. AOL customers can (and should) use a FULL-VERSION browser instead of AOL's browser on the Internet. More information is available here.

    When that "download tube" button is clicked, a small window (with black background) will pop up that will have the link to download the tube (or brush), example below.

    YOU MUST HAVE A JAVA AND JAVA SCRIPT CAPABLE BROWSER, AND HAVE THOSE TURNED ON, TO DOWNLOAD ANY TUBES + BRUSHES. MSIE ver5+ OR NETSCAPE ver4+ are best. Some, but not all, MSIE version 4's will work. I have not found any of the Netscape version 3's that will work.

    If it isn't working, then you may need to clear your cache file of your browser before trying to download again. Or, if the server is overloaded (rare, but it happens), you may have to try again later. People viewing CACHED copies of these pages via a search engine, and AOL customers using the AOL browser - sorry - there's a good chance you won't see the newly updated pages. I can't say how often search engines and AOL's proxy cache refreshes the copy of my page that it delivers to your browser. You will have to wait until then, or, visit my site directly with a FULL-VERSION browser from Microsoft or Netscape so that you can see a TRUE updated version of these pages (and others on the Internet).

    Note: I have temporarily disabled the password requirement. If I find people directly linking to the zipped tube files, I will have to reinstate that.

    Download/save any of the zipped tubes on these pages to your computer, and install them. To download: left click (PC) - Click + Hold (Mac) on the link you will see in the small popup window. A new window will pop up and you will need to find a folder (on your computer) you wish to put the zipped file in, and then hit the "save" button. You will need a program, like WinZip, to unzip the files. (Tutorial on using winzip on this site.)

    Can't get to tubes? Here's help!
    You will need to INSTALL the tubes, NOT just place them in your tubes folder. More info on another page. Instructions also on the text file included with Roxy's tubes.

    SEND this page's URL to a friend! How-to, using Netscape or Internet Explorer for ANY web page you view. This page will show you how! Link opens new window, when done reading, close window and you will be back here, and you can SEND THIS URL to a friend!

    Using PSP 5, 6, 7, you will need to INSTALL the tubes, NOT just place them in your tubes folder. Text instructions are also included in each tube zipped file.
    In PSP5, PSP6, or PSP7, do a browse to the folder you have unzipped them to.
    Open the tube by double clicking on the image.
    From the toolbar, choose:
    Export --> Picture Tube

    A screen will come up = "Export Picture Tube"
    asking for the number of "cells accross"
    (cells = pictures, items, graphics, NOT # of pixels, etc.)
    count the items across in the tube you have opened and enter the number
    use your "tab" key to get to the next field ...
    the number of "cells down" {count and enter}
    and it will calculate the total number of cells in that tube.
    Use the tab key to continue to select "Random"
    the "Step Size" {choosing the cell width number is recommended}
    tab to choose "Random Selection"
    then the "Tube Name"
    {you can check your opened tube for the recommended tube name}.

    Then click "ok" and your tube is installed!

    T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G   E R R O R S

    If you get an error message, and a tube will not install, then check:
    1) is the image 16 million colors? Go to Colors --> Increase Colors, if the last (highest) color choice is not greyed out, then click on it to increase the colors of the image to 16 million colors.
    2) Is the item on ONE layer, a transparent layer? Check the layer pallet to see. If it is one layer, the person who made the tube may not have made it properly, you will have to remake the tube.

    Showing 4 tube cells of equal size, even though the tube images are not all the same size Remaking a tube:
    A. Open a new image (16 million colors, transparent background) the SAME size as the tube you are trying to import.
    B. Copy the tube image into this new image. If there is more than one image in the tube, you can either make them all individual tubes, or you can put each image on its OWN layer. That is so you can move them around and adjust the spacing. Then go to "Layers - merge VISIBLE (NOT merge ALL!).
    C. Export as a picture tube normally. (File, Export, Export as Picture Tube)
    NOTE: see image on right (shrunken view) -- each item must be in the exact same amount of 'space', have cells of equal size, even if the tube images are not the same size. I've shown one of my tubes, with 4 different size butterfly images, but each cell is the same size as the largest tube image/item.

    A PDF file of instructions to save to your computer (and print if you would like) is here. If you need Adobe's free PDF reader, get it here.

    Custom Brushes

    Click on the arrow NEXT to the brush shape box,
    this will bring up a new window where you choose to see your custom brush items.

    Scroll through your list of custom brushes, and choose the brush you want to use.

    SEND this page's URL to a friend! How-to, using Netscape or Internet Explorer for ANY web page you view. This page will show you how! Link opens new window, when done reading, close window and you will be back here, and you can SEND THIS URL to a friend!  

    Tubes and Brushes Menu:

    Dianthus Flower Clematis A Clematis Leaf Trellis Golf Balls
    Sea Shells Spheres Bats Deer Butterfly
    Heart Trees Heart Icons Hearts Double Hearts Flame Hearts
    Lace Heart Bows Poinsettia Stain Glass Candle Wreath
    Pine Cluster A Pine Cluster B Pine Cluster Cedar Brushes

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