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Roxy's Free to use for any purpose (but NOT re-distribute),
Paint Shop Pro 5, 6 + 7 Tubes + Brushes !!

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| Flowers + Leafs | Shells, Spheres, Golf Balls | Bats, Deer + Butterfly |
| Many kinds of hearts | Bows, Poinsettia, Wreath, Pine Clusters + Candle |
| and custom brushes! |

Link on EVERY tubes page, so you can come back here + re-connect to tubes webrings!
If you wander into other areas of this site, just follow the link back to "Tubes"
and you will be able to connect back to this page from there.

You MAY use these tubes to create any graphics for your personal page, non-profit page, or free graphics, graphics or pages for profit, no cost, no credit required. They are email-ware, email me, let me know which ones you like best, and say thanks. See .txt file with tube.

Place these tubes in any website collection, on a CD, or sell them.
DISTRIBUTE these tubes and brushes IN ANY WAY without signed permission.
    Do not send them to people on email lists,
    Do not send them to friends,
    Do not post them to any bulletin board, newsgroup, etc. [more info]
The graphics shown and the tubes and brushes supplied for downloading on these pages are copyright © 1997-2009 by Roxanne M. Flanagan, creator, USA, all rights reserved.
SAVE these tubes to your computer [more info]
Using PSP 5, 6 & 7, you will need to INSTALL the tubes [more info]

NOTE: There is a NEW SYSTEM of downloading tube files. 1st time visitors should take a look at the screenshots of what you should be seeing [more info].

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