Web Page Help >>> Validating HTML

Why you should not create your pages
to be viewed by ONLY one (or very few!) browser(s) ...
and how to have your HTML coding validated (checked against HTML standards)
so more people can see your page.

Validate your HTML, it's free, easy, and the report that NetMechanic (plus some other places) puts out will make it VERY easy for you to understand what needs to be adjusted and tweaked so you're not stopping people at "your front door" (i.e. first page of your site.)

  • The HTML validators will tell you exactly what coding cannot be read by a majority of browsers - if you ask it to check your page according to HTML standards.
  • My favorite is the validator at http://www.HTMLhelp.com. They also have links to a lot of good information on this page, information that will help you to understand what validating does and means. It's good to read this info, but you may find it easier to understand the validation tools and report that you'd find at NetMechanic.
  • Another place, Net Mechanic http://www.netmechanic.com (free) will let you choose to have it do:
    • "Link Checking" (will check for bad links) or
    • "HTML Validation".
    • Loading time for your pages, letting you know what you can possibly make more efficient.
    • Check your spelling, and more!.
  • Use the Free Sample to check one page at a time. Make the corrections shown in the report, then check another one of your pages, etc.
  • This is ALSO a great way to find out where you've made a HTML "oops" and are having problems with your page!! animated Net Mechanic Button

There are other free HTML validators available, here's a page with links to more of them.

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