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... how much of a page can be seen in your monitor

Tip: However you can:
A) look at your pages with a different ("the other") browser (friend's?),
B) a different size screen,
C) turn the images off on your browser,
D) a different color resolution (256 limit on colors may make your background - or other people's backgrounds that YOU see - look downright UGLY), and
E) a different size resolution. My pages look quite different on the: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, and the 1280x1024 resolutions. Nobody mentions this!! And I used to think if I wanted to 'see more of a page' on the screen, I had to buy a bigger monitor! I found things positioned themselves very differently at each resolution - and I needed to 'fix' things, so that my text started AFTER the large graphic, instead of half on top of it !!
YOU can't control what resolution your visitors will be using, so make sure your pages look the best that's possible in ALL of them!!

You need to know how to change the resolution for your computer?

If you're using Win95 / W98/ WME, while on your desktop, go to a 'blank' area and right-click the mouse. Choose 'Properties', then select 'Settings'. There is a 'Desktop Area' slide bar with (at least some of) the number choices listed above. Choose the next step up (more) to start, but you can keep the setting at whatever you are comfortable with. The higher the numbers, the smaller the text will be on the screen, but the 'more of a page' you will see in your browser. Also, while you're in there, if your setting is for '256 color', you can select High Color (16 bit) or True Color (24 bit) and you will see the colors a LOT better. Click 'OK' and you're done.

There is a way to make your page look the same for every resolution.

You can put your text in tables, which most browsers do recognize. Then you can control the width of the text on the page -- it won't matter WHAT the visitor's browser is set at - it will look the same for everyone. I have an explanation with examples for several types of tables on the "page control" page here.

There is an easy way to check your pages quickly - in each of the resolutions that you have available on your computer (the number of variations depends on your video card).

There IS a program called "Quick Res" that comes with (free) Microsoft's Power Toys group. Go to the Microsoft site and look in their downloads section.
It puts an icon (looks like a monitor) on your start bar, near the clock. When I click on that, a menu pops up, and I can choose to view my page in any/all resolutions that my compuer and monitor are capable of - with just ONE click of the mouse (no rebooting). I can quickly check my pages to see how they look at all these resolutions:
640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, and 1280x1024. The number of choices you will have will depend on the quality and capabilities of your video card and monitor.

This information is available on a printer-friendly text file. Save it to your computer to refer to later.

Remember, some people love gimmicks, some hate 'em.
Depending on the topic or theme of your pages, you may end up driving people away by having "too much" javascript, animated gifs, page fade-in, active-X, shockwave, frames or even extremely graphic backgrounds and bright colored text.

Unusual backgrounds can be cleverly used - but you should make sure the background doesn't "kill" the text, and it can be easily read. Your text may need to be bigger, or bolder, or a different color to show up against the background. Even if you're sure - ask someone you trust for a second opinion.
This background is one of the mild texture ones, light enough that you can still read the text if I keep it large and bold enough.

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