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Just Getting Started :: General Help Pages :: Useful Shareware

* Just Getting Started - Most Frequently Asked for URL's *

* Using WS_FTP *

WS_FTP Tutorial on THIS site

* Web TV Help *

Web TV uploading

* Search Engine Related *
Details of what you NEED to know about getting your pages listed with a search engine!
[ There's a difference between search engines and
directories ... Yahoo is a directory ! ]

Search Engine Watch - Tips
Webmaster's Reference Library

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* Virus Information *
Please check these before you pass on
any "beware of ..." emails!

Computer Virus Myths
Virus Info Library

* Spam Information *
what you can do to prevent, report, etc.

How To Complain
Get the coding to put an email address on a web page that won't get harvested by the robots and used to send you spam at Encoder.

* Cookies, etc. *

Cookies FAQ & Information
Being traced over the Internet - a MUST visit site for everyone!!

* HTML Validators *
(check your html coding + links, free)

WHY you should validate your HTML, on this site:

Net Mechanic

HTML Validation OR Link Checking Note!
"Power User" MANY more choices,
read the info there!
Recommend you check your page against
"HTML Standards 3.2" FIRST, then can do
specific browsers, etc. the second time.

HTML help
WC3 Validator

* Copyright Information *

US Copyright Office
The Copyright Website
Lawgirl's Copyright Basics
Note ~ If you are violating someone's copyright,
(using graphics or written material without
permission or without obeying their requirements).

 * General Help Pages *

* General Information + Help *

Tables How-To on THIS site
Table Tutor - Introduction
Kevin's Barebones Guide to HTML
HTML Tags on THIS site
Hints + Tips for creating web pages on THIS site
Annabella's HTML page
{Java Script all written out,
you just copy and put in your page}

HTML Colors on THIS site
(hint, print out to choose colors of text,
links, etc in your html documents)

Side Border Bkground How-To on THIS site
make your page look the same every resolution,
and/or keep your text off the side border:
Using Side Border Bkgrounds-WindyWeb

Your Monitor's Resolution? Info THIS site

Net Mechanic Gif Reducer
Gif Wizzard (no longer free)

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* HTML Tutorials + Information *

Two sites have information, links to tutorials, more things related to web page building than I can mention!

HTML Goodies.com is a MUST bookmark
HTML Code Tutorial

Find a tutorial to do about anything
that you want to do, with Paint Shop Pro.
Angela Cable's site has links to them ALL !
Plus, you can find about anything that you want to do graphic-wise, html-wise, from Willie's Bookmarks too.

* AOL Help *

EVERY AOL customer and webmaster should read ALL THESE PAGES (done by AOL) before you do anything else!
AOL info on THIS site
AOL browser + graphics problems explained
regarding graphics saved while using AOL's Browser:

* Banners *

The Banner Generator (free)
On Line Banner Creator (free)

* Reduce byte size of gifs +jpgs +banners *

 * Useful Free and Shareware Programs *

Capture Express FREE
Prints what's on your screen, or you can select an area of your screen, even a SHAPE around your screen capture. You can also save the "image" to your computer if you don't want to print it! Advertising supported free version.

ZD Net's Software Library
NoNags is a GREAT site for freeware
HTML Goodies (Info + software)

Info about Resolution here

mIRC + tutorial on set-up + use on THIS site
pIRCh + tutorial on set-up + use on THIS site


WS_FTP + tutorial on using on THIS site

Winzip: Zip up, and unzip files you have downloaded on the internet. + tutorial on using on THIS site

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