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These four graphics contain the 216 "web safe" hex colors that can be used and viewed on just about every monitor on the web. Since operating systems interpret colors differently, these 216 colors are the only ones that are 'safe' to show the same color for most operating systems.
The alphabet lettering C + F are the ONLY letters used in the color codes!
There is NO letter 'O' used; the 0's you see are the number zero.
The HEXADECIMAL numbers for the RGB codes that make up that color, are in the format of:
first 2 numbers = RED -- second 2 numbers = GREEN -- third 2 numbers = BLUE.

The actual color that will show, is ABOVE the color code numbers.

216 websafe HTML colors - 1 of 4 image  Roxanne M. Flanagan 1-97216 websafe HTML colors - 2 of 4 image  Roxanne M. Flanagan 1-97
216 websafe HTML colors - 3 of 4 image  Roxanne M. Flanagan 1-97216 websafe HTML colors - 4 of 4 image  Roxanne M. Flanagan 1-97

I don't recommend printing this page. Odds are, your printer isn't calibrated to your monitor, and what you see on your screen is not what will print out. You can save these images above to your computer for your personal use to choose colors when making your web page.
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These color graphics were created from information
found at http://www.vpdev.com/freestuff/ but, VPDev's gone now.  

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