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I cannot stress enough ~ backup! backup! backup! ~ It doesn't matter what editor you use, be it an on-line editor at Geocities or other web host, or your own editor on your computer. Make sure you have a copy on your computer, on floppies, on a zip disk, or on a CD! Systems go down, things happen, and you don't want the heartache of loosing your hard work because of this. More details of how to save your hard work is on my "Hints + Tips" page. Trust me! It's worth the time and effort! THEN -- make sure your computer's files are backed up!

I don't know how to do everything, but I DO know where to point you in the direction of the answers, if I haven't got them here. And what is here?

Details about the HTML help and information pages in this section:

 icon/button is link to Hints and Tips  Hints and Tips :: a MUST read collection of info!!
Web page building advice gathered from many sources. Covers:
Using proper URL's, saving info on the internet, specific problems at Geo, reading instructions, backup (how), gimmicks-toys-novelty items, browsers, HTML standards, HTML validators, under construction, home page layout and theme, resolution, page file size, title, AOL graphics/browser problems, promote your page, page control, recommendation for every page, new items of interest to GeoCitizens.

 icon/button is link to HTML tags  HTML Tags :: Basics and Advanced
Two short tutorials and information on the basic HTML tags you would need to know to be able to 'do more things' using the Geo Advanced Editor or writing your own HTML in notepad, or tweaking a page done in an any editor.

 icon/button is link to HTML colors  HTML colors
The 216 websafe colors - and the hex (HTML) codes for all of them. Looking for the right shade of blue for your text? You can find the codes that can be read by almost every browser being used now.

 icon/button is link to Tables  Tables
Will show you how to do a table to 'align' things on your page - everything from a list of items, to the whole page/text itself if you're going to use a left-side border background. If you are ONLY interested in tables to provide Page Control, that's a seperate page with 4 examples.

 icon/button is link to Page Control  Page Control
How to use tables to make your page appear the way you want it to for everyone. Also, ways to keep your text off a side-border you may be using. Even keep your text away from Geo's Watermark so it doesn't interfere with text, graphics or links.

 icon/button is link to Resolution  Resolution
Do you know what your computer's resolution is? Do you know what resolution means? Here's details to let you know how to find out, and change the resolution, and the number of colors you see on the internet, on/for your monitor.

 icon/button is link to Browser Information and Validating HTML  Browser Information + Validating your HTML
Why it's not good to create a page that only SOME of the internet can see. Also information on how to validate your html - its free, it's easy!! They'll do the report while you sleep, and you can see where you need to adjust html tags so more people can view your page!

 icon/button is link to AOL graphics problems  AOL graphics + Browser Problems
If you are an AOL customer - or know one - or create graphics for the internet, or ever wondered why you see graphics as broken boxes when you go to a AOL homepage ... read this.

 icon/button is link to Link List 2 Help page  Link List :: Links 2 Help
And last, but not least, the 'Link List' page has links to just about anything you need to find about web page building for beginners to moderately experienced. - no frills - no explanation, just the site name and link. If what you're looking for isn't there, please feel free to email me, I will try to help!

I hope to be able to provide you with so much information that you'll be sorry you didn't bring a picnic lunch ... 'cuz it's going to take you that long to follow every link to HTML and web page building information, tips and hints, reference materials, and more! ha ha ... or, if you want to bookmark one of these pages when you're part way done, go home and have lunch and come back later ... that's okay too. *grin*

My "specialty", if you will, was first working with Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0 - 3.04 and now Dreamweaver. I used NNGold as an editor for many years. I enjoyed the fact that it didn't add any unnecessary "junk" code to my pages. Dreamweaver is just that! A dream to use. One of those "why didn't they think of this earlier?" type of things!

And there IS a reason for having "clean" code!
1) clean code will load faster in the browser,
2) search engines LOVE clean code because they only "read so much" on each page. If you use up all you are alloted with them working through sloppy and bad code, OH WELL, it is YOU that looses out!!
3) it is easier to make changes when working with clean, rather than sloppy code!

Now ... What Else ?!?!

Continue on into some other pages containing info and help ...

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HTML Info Hints + Tips HTML tags Basics HTML tags Advanced HTML colors
Tables Page Control Resolution Browser Info Validating HTML
AOL graphics + browser problems Links to More Helpful Information

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