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pIRCh© how to:
First "how to", would be to make sure you have the pIRCh© program. If you don't have it yet, you will want to download it now. Set-up is the "hardest part" -- once done, there are only 4 steps to connect to the IRC room you want to. Those screen shots are below the set-up instructions. Then type in "/join roomname (without the quote marks, replacing roomname with whatever chat room name it is that you want to join).

Download pIRCh© at http://www.pirch.com/

  • Now that you have your IRC program downloaded, unzipped, and installed (just follow the instructions it gives for installing). If the server is not listed as one of the available servers, then you'll need to set up your program. I've used Talkcity© as an example of a server to add. For any other chat servers, just get the server information, and put it in in the same places shown for Talk City.
  • If it would help, you can print this page to refer to while you're setting up the program. I recommend setting up as soon as possible, not just a few minutes before the scheduled chat that you want to attend.
  • You will need to be connected to the Internet while doing this. You can minimize your browser, and open up your IRC program. If you've created a short-cut on your desktop, fine, otherwise, where ever you've installed the program, find it and open it.

pIRCh© setup:
pirch98, version was used for the screen shots. For the newer versions, the screens may look different.

When you open the program, you will get this screen
open program

There is a button called Login. When you click on that button, you will get is the screen below.
Ignore the IRC Network and the Server boxes for now.
First - edit the server list to add Talk City. Hit the button for edit server list.

The next box that you will see is a box that has two halves.
The top half has list of server names, the bottom has the addresses for the servers.
We need to set up a new server listing (top half) and address (bottom half) for Talkcity.

edit servers

  • In the top box, scroll all the way to the right till you get to the end of your list (no matter what's in your list).
  • Place your cursor into the top box (at the end, in a blank space) and right click. That will bring up a box where you will have choices.
  • Choose "New". When that puts an icon and space below it for server name, type in the word CHAT. Hit your enter key.
  • Once you have done that, the "CHAT" server will be highlighted like the image below.
  • Now, go to the bottom box (which should be empty) and RIGHT click.
    From the pop-up box, choose "New".
  • When that pops up another box, choose "New".
  • Now in this server box type: "chat.talkcity.com" (without the quote marks) and in the port box type "6667".
  • Click ok.

add server 2

You just added Talkcity© to your server list!
It should look like this:

adding chat server

  • Close, and that will bring you back to this window:
  • Fill in the other information on that gray box.
  • Your first name, email address,
  • 1st choice and 2nd choice for nickname for irc, choose a password
    (easy to remember, but still, write it down somewhere!),
  • and click the button to save profile. Now, to test the set-up, choose the "Connect"button.

That will bring up this window.
In the IRC Network box, use the arrow to find "CHAT", make sure that
"chat.talkcity.com:6667" is also showing.
Choose "Connect" button again, this will connect you to TalkCity server.

connect to server

When Talk City comes up, you will see a few notes from their server.
Wait till they are done, then type in the text box line at the bottom of the window, where you will be typing your messages to the group:
/join #roomname(then hit the enter button) and you will 'enter' the chat room.

connecting, part 2

When you are in the chat room - it will look like:
(the window can be opened up to fill the entire screen of your monitor)

In the Chat room

Once set-up, there are only four screens to connect to chat:
open program and: 1) login, 2)connect, 3)connect step 2, 4)enter desired chat room by typing "/join #roomname" (without the quote marks).

After setup, open program and login
after setup open program
After setup, connect part 2
After setup, connect to the room

MORE help with IRC at:

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