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Graphic + Internet related tutorials . . . Popups, colors and special text in IRC

Popups can be helpful, and they can be fun or pretty. Colored text can be interesting, too. This page covers three basic areas:

Install/Use popups in pIRCh ~ Install/Use popups in mIRC
Colored + emphasized text in IRC

Installing popups in pIRCh. [ shrunk/condensed windows shown here ]
You can install popups off-line, just open program, get to the popup area. pirch98, version was used for the screen shots. The screens may look different for the newer versions.

install popups pIRCh #1

install popups pIRCh #2

The "main channel" popups are placed in one area there
(popups that don't use someone's name as part of the popup).

copying text document to popups in main channel

The "names channel" popups are placed in a different area there
(popups that do use someone's name as part of the popup).
Installing NamesChannel popups

There are many, many ready-made popup scripts you can download and install. See the links at the bottom of this page for some great places to get them.

Using popups in pIRCh.
To use "main channel" popups, left click in the text area of the chat room, then right click. You will get a menu where you will make your choice from among categories. Click on your popup choice and it will appear in the conversation area.
To use "names channel" popups, left click on someone's name, then right click. You will get a menu where you will make your choice from among categories. Click on your popup choice and it will appear in the conversation area, automatically inserting the name of the person you clicked on, into the popup.

using popups in Pirch


Installing popups in mIRC.

NOTE: These instructions are for older versions. The newer versions of mIRC are very different and it looks as if popups have to be installed differently. If you have gotten your program recently, please see the links below for more popup information.

From "Tools", choose "Popups"

installing popups mIRC step 1

You will get this box, paste in the popup scripts you have. To make a "Category", put the category, like "greetings" flush against the left edge. Every popup that you want to have in that category, put a period before the popup script.
installing popups mIRC step 2


using popups 

Using popups in mIRC.

Left click on someone's name (will highlight the name), then right click. A menu will pop up.

Scroll down the menu that will pop up, and choose the category, then the individual popup you want to use by clicking on it.


IRC allows you to type using special attributes including bold, underlined, italics and fixed pitch and symbol fonts in addition to the standard font. Use these keystrokes from the table, to change the attribute setting, using the same methods outlined for colors below.

AttributeKeystrokeLooks like

To use these codes, you would do the following:
1. type Ctrl-U. [ hold the Ctrl key down, press letter 'U', then release both ]
2. type in the word(s) 3. type Ctrl-U again.
Only the text that is enclosed by the start and end codes will be affected. You can use this method with all of the other control codes.


There are 16 colors available in both pIRCh and mIRC. They can be used for both foreground and background effects. To change the foreground color of the text you are typing, use the Ctrl-k keystroke followed by a number ranging from 0-15.

For example, in pIRCh, if you want to type the word "test" in bright red -- press "[Ctrl-k]4Test" would come out as Test.

1. Type Ctrl-k [ hold the Ctrl key down, press letter 'k', then release both ]
2. Type a number between 0-15
3. Type the word
4. Type Ctrl-k again.[ hold Ctrl key down, press letter 'k', then release both ]

If you also want to change the background color of a word, you would need to type two numbers separated by a common instead of just one number. The first number is the text color, the second number is the background color. To change the background to blue, and have the text red, for example, press "[Ctrl-k]4,12Test[Ctrl-k]".
To return to normal text just press [Ctrl-k] followed by a space or any character other than a numeric digit.

[ method of using colors same as above example, different colors for the numbers ]

write these down to keep handy0=white1=black2=navy3=green4=red5=maroon6=purple7=olive

[ method of using colors same as above, just slightly different colors for the numbers ]

write these down to keep handy0=white1=black2=blue3=green4=light red5=brown6=purple7=orange
8=yellow9=light green10=cyan11=light cyan12=light blue13=pink14=gray15=light gray

If you have already typed text in the 'text enter' box, and decide you want to use the control codes (make it a color, or bold), just select (highlight) the text with your cursor, right click with your mouse button, and a menu will come up where you can then choose: bold, color, etc. For colors, it will then give you a box where you would enter the color # codes desired (see above). This will insert both starting and ending control codes around the text you selected. Then hit the enter key, and your text will show up (bold, colored, etc.) in the main chat dialog box.

To copy text that appears in the chat conversation box, highlight it, that automatically copies it. Then past it into notepad, an email, or, for popups, paste it into the popup text boxes. (you may have to do some popup editing afterward)

How to copy/highlight text

You can enclose text in multiple control codes, so for example you could have a bold, underlined, and color word(s).

How to do, and use, IRC sounds + other popup info

Sounds are interesting, but I haven't gone into them here. You can find LOTS of information about sounds, popups, scripts, and more! at these places, and they have links to even more places:

learning mIRC popups (GREAT place!)
- http://www.thekoala.com/learningpopups.htm
see the whole site, lots of good info here!

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