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Graphic + Internet related tutorials . . . Downloading Files from the Internet

A very short tutorial to show "how-to", to be able to download programs, zipped files, HTML files, graphics, and clipart, etc. from various places on the Internet. These steps would be basically the same for everything you want to save.

If the files you are downloading are "zipped" files, I do have a tutorial on using Winzip to unzip those files. "Zipped" files are in a sort of "container" that protects and condenses files to travel over Internet lines. Using Winzip© is a different tutorial.

You will need to decide where you want to put the item you're saving. When you click on your browser's "File | Save as ..." a menu will pop up. Use the arrow keys to get to the place where you want to save them.
decide where you want to put the files you are saving - downloading tutorial

For example, I have a folder (within one of my other folders of files) that is set up to save the tutorials that I find on the Internet and want to save. You can set up a folder ahead of time, or do it after you have gotten to the area of where you want to save files.
get to the folder where you want to save the files - downloading tutorial

To create a folder within an area - scroll over to a blank area and right click. A menu will come up that should list "New", and from there, one of the choices should be "Folder".
to create a folder within a folder, scroll to a blank area, right click, from menu choose: new, then folder - 
downloading tutorial

You will see a folder, with the words "New Folder" highlighted. Go ahead and type the name you want the folder to be.
type the name you want the new folder to be - downloading tutorial

Then, double click on the new folder's name, that will open it it. Click the "Save" button, and you file will be saved inside of that folder. If there are images on the page you want to save, you will have to save each one to this same folder. Right click on the image, and from the menu that comes up, choose "save image as" or "save target as" and save to the folder.
downloading tutorial -

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