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Thanks from Roxy !!

I would have nothing ... were it not for the wonderful graphics I found around the Web when I first started building my personal pages! I am so very grateful, you all have my heartfelt thanks! Such wonderful inspiration, too!

Before I could even BEGIN to think about creating my own graphics, I relied heavily on the free graphic places on the Internet. So you're looking for interesting stuff for YOUR web pages ... check out these places!
These sites are my personally recommended source for graphics !

When using created by other people, collected from places on the 'net,
it is customary to list the source of graphics on each page where they're used.
Never, ever, directly link (hot link) to graphics on someone else's server. Here's WHY
Over time, some places I got graphics from had disappeared and I had to remove the link.
But I still tried to 'give credit where credit is due' and acknowledge the creator, even without the link.

@ Roxy's Renditions™ Web Creations ... the free graphics are temporarily UNAVAILABLE. I'm so sorry - we will try to get the graphics back online as soon as possible.

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Animated stars at the top of the page, are at "Bells and Whistles"

aacck! sometimes sites move! If you find that a link doesn't work, I'm sorry !

Animations & Graphics
for Your Website graphics
WindyWeb images
coolnerds graphics Page Works - Kitty Roach images
Full Moon graphics ABC Giant Web Graphics
SunSpirit Angel Collection
Just Jane's graphics Graphics by Ann-S-Thesia

DO Bookmark 1 NetCentral
for links to many free graphics sites, and more! DO check out their HOLIDAY graphics links - very nice list of sites, will save you LOTS of time hunting down graphics for your holiday pages.
BEWARE! They pop up a FULL SCREEN browser window/AD to another website. You must CLOSE THAT AD, then you'll be at the 1 NetCentral website.
A FABULOUS site, All4Free The Great Graphic Vault,
[ ] that has graphic categories listed, links to the best places for those topics. Bookmark this place! Check out each of the holidays, specific themes, and more. They also have an extensive cyber greeting card section. is a GREAT place to search for graphics,
by topic, holiday, or occasion. Where a Guide makes the Web a bit easier for you.

Note:  the how-to's of making and using stationery is different for each version of Outlook, OE (Outlook Express), Eudora Pro, Netscape Mail, etc. So be sure to check the version YOU have when looking for information! What works for one version, usually does not work for another. Do a search for your email program manufacturer's website, ask their tech support for on-line tutorial information.
Example: A search at Microsoft's website gives this page.
Can use any search engine checking for 'email stationery help', or 'instructions', or similar.

Cloud 8 Stationery
See their excellent help section, too! Covers: Email stationery for Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL, Juno, Excite, Yahoo, New MSN Explorer, and others
Stationery Heaven,
has a newsletter, too.

A very nice free graphic viewer and graphic editor is Irfan View.


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